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Springhill Group Counseling: 11 Suspected of LCD Tech Leak

At least eleven individuals were suspected of selling Samsung’s key technology involved in creating the next generation of flat screen panels to one of its South Korea rival in the TV manufacturing sector.


According to authorities, suspects allegedly shared the technology used in Samsung’s flat screen display to another domestic company through their contacts to both of the firms. The 11 suspects are composed of current and former Samsung researchers along with employees of the rival company.


One 46-year old former researcher of SMD is accused of earning around USD 168,544 from a rival company in return for the classified data regarding small mask scanning technology which is involved in manufacturing Active-Matrix Organic LED displays for big TVs. AMOLED panels have recently been limited to smart devices that are relatively small.


The certain technology they said have been leaked is one that’s particularly being used in AMOLED panels of Samsung called Small Mask Scanning. The said technology is an alternative for the previous method Fine Metal Masking, which has become inefficient for use as one of the steps in making an OLED display.


But the thing is, the signature AMOLED technology (which includes the SMS process) of Samsung is supposed to enable them to manufacture even bigger AMOLED displays — without even cutting the glass substrate. In fact, Samsung plans to launch a 65-inch AMOLED TV within the year, which is larger than the displays they have shown at CES. Apparently, the technology behind it all is a really hot property for rivals to be willing to pay for it.


Experts in the display sector expect this new technology to aid SMD get a big share of the future market of AMOLED televisions, which has a value of around 90 trillion won.


The unnamed 46-year old suspect is revealed to be “deeply involved” in the development of such technology in SMD. He is now suspected of leaking crucial data after he moved to a rival firm in November of last year. According to authorities, he even attempted to leak information to a Chinese competitor firm when his expected executive position was not given.


An arrest warrant for fraud has already been issued for the said suspect and for the other 10 without detention.

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