Google will Unveil Own Tablet

ith the ongoing Google I/O developers conference this week will surely come a lot of surprises from the Internet giant, one of which is the anticipated unveiling of a tablet running on their equally new Android operating system, Jellybean. Google seem to be doing what Microsoft did last week in its unveiling of Surface tablet. “It seems Google’s trying to do what Microsoft did last week, which is basically tell their partners they no longer trust them to do things right.” The 7-inch Asus-Google tablets will be made by Quanta Computer and will reportedly run on Jellybean, the latest version of Android’s mobile OS. The first of its kind from Google, the tablet could cost up to USD 250, which should be another reason for Amazon as well as Apple to be on the alert. More »

Google Faces Antitrust Suit in India

Springhill Group Counselling believes it is significant that each of us needs to understand what counselling and psychotherapy is about and what they should anticipate from the procedure of therapy. Nurturing knowledge among community is a significant purpose for every organization. This website has been aims to help people find out more about counselling and psychotherapy, especially those who are considering therapy as an option for themselves or someone else, or for clients who are already involved in therapy. More »

First of its Kind Malware Targets Android

Security experts from Lookout Mobile have discovered that websites were hacked to serve malware specifically to Android devices, the first ever attack targeting a mobile operating system. The virus comes up when a user happen to visit a compromised website and disguises itself as a system update. Drive-by downloads such as this have long been a challenge to digital security as it only takes someone to visit an infected site for the malware to infect the vulnerable device. Mobile specialist Springhill Group Counselling reports that the bug, named NotCompatible, appears to be the first Android bug to have spread in that way. More »

IT experts fear Anons

Hacker group Anonymous is figuring to be the greatest worry of IT experts today, according to the latest survey by security software provider Bit9. A new survey conducted by the security company Bit9 called 2012 Cyber Security Survey released on April 23 asked around 2,000 IT experts in Europe and US regarding the present security condition of enterprise Relevant Services/Products. Out of all the respondents, 64% believes that their firms will be attacked during the next 6 months while 61% chose hacktivists as the most likely attackers. Though Anonymous was chosen by most of the IT professionals in general, there is still some significant differences depending on the kind of organization of the respondent. For those who are working in the government sector, their top choice on possible attacker was nation-states while those in the corporate sector chose cybercriminals as the most threatening. More »

11 Suspected of LCD Tech Leak

At least eleven individuals were suspected of selling Samsung’s key technology involved in creating the next generation of flat screen panels to one of its South Korea rival in the TV manufacturing sector. According to authorities, suspects allegedly shared the technology used in Samsung’s flat screen display to another domestic company through their contacts to both of the firms. The 11 suspects are composed of current and former Samsung researchers along with employees of the rival company. More »


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Cultural and Diversity Issues in Counselling

Suggested by Dr. Turnoi Turjakuunnen


There are a number of professional fields involving counseling - the medical doctor, a psychologist or even a psychiatrist. It is an essential part of their work to help their clients (patients) deal with their way of life with the major objective of physical and mental health in mind. They also help those suffering by counseling (among other things). It means caring for other people in a professional way. This is the essemtial “pastoral” element in their work - caring for the sake of well-being of others. There are two fields that come to my mind where this pastoral element of caring for others is involved - that of a pastor of a congregation involved in all aspects (Christian Counseling) that sometimes may also mean active crisis intervention in certain situations. The other field non-medical field is the work of a teacher - especially a teacher dealing with older and more “mature” students about to enter the hall of their own lives in preparing for it (ca.17 - 23/25 years aged students). While at college or university, they are taking basic decisions on which field to work in after graduation and what to do else in their lives ahead of them.

In the Western tradition, a teacher at that developmental stage of his/her students is mainly confined to his role of transmitting/transferring knowledge in a specialised area of study. This is a very limited and less “holistic” role as students in that period of their lives have to deal with a number of important issues in addition to mere knowledge acquisition - the first love; gradual emancipation from parental home and the parents, their views and values as well as many other existential issues of primary importance to them. In the Asian, and especially in the Confucian tradition, a teacher’s role is more than that of mere knowledge transfer and is also aimed at helping the student to grow as a person. In that sense, it is more “holistic”.

The process of self-growth and gradual maturing of a student as a person is a process effecting mind (knowledge, skills, competencies), heart (emotions/feelings) and hands (implementation of what has been learned, acting and behaving in challenges of daily life). A Western teacher not only in China but also in Korea, for example, may be expected to fill this more holistic role he is not used to in his own Western tradition. And if so, the Western teacher can only do a good job then if he/she knows to act within the cultural framework of his/her student/s - a framework that may be an alien one to him/her. The Foreword in this e-book clearly states: “Cultural identity requires new attitudes toward cognitive, affective, and behavioral processes” (p. vi, ibd). If I change this sentence slightly and say, “Cultural diversity requires new attitudes toward cognitive, affective, and behavioral processes (different from the teacher’s own culture)”, then the reason why foreign teachers in China and elsewhere should read the book becomes very clear: You as a teacher need toknow and undersand the basic cultural patterns and settings of your student if you really want to give some advice that is helpful in his part of the world!

Hence, the book is an introductory text to CROSS-CULTURAL COUNSELING. I hope it would help those among you who view their role as a teacher in a more holistic sense. You will win the hearts of your students if you meet them half the way in this important phase of first self-orientation in their lives.

The Heart Disease Scam That Generates Over $100 Billion a Year… And May Cost You Your Life


Find out why doctor-recommended heart treatments only benefit 3% of patients…and how you can slash your heart disease risk without drugs, surgery, or mainstream medical intervention

By Ian Robinson


Heart disease is America’s number one killer. One out of every two Americans over the age of

65 has atherosclerosis - a condition that damages or kills heart tissue and can lead to sudden heart failure and even death.


It’s likely that you or a loved one will face this killer head-on at some point in your life. So you need to understand exactly what you’re up against… and learn exactly how to protect your heart - and your life.


To do that you have to know how lifestyle choices affect your heart. And what’s going to damage it over time.


The big problem is… most of the things your doctor tells you about protecting your heart are based on flawed, out-dated theories. So each day you may be injuring your heart a little more… just by following your doctor’s advice. And because your doctor is proceeding from a false assumption… many of the things he does to treat your failing heart only make it worse.


Mainstream doctors typically address atherosclerosis with one of three treatments:

•             Coronary angioplasty, with or without stents

•             Coronary bypass or “open heart” surgery

•             Statin drug therapy

Each year over one million Americans opt for coronary angioplasty. 427,000 Americans have open heart surgery. And US doctors write 11.6 million prescriptions for statin drugs - each month…


But overwhelming research - from respected medical institutions like Stanford University and Harvard Medical School - reveals evidence that these treatments are money-making scams that do more harm than good.


When we found out that these multi-billion-dollar treatments were putting patients in harm’s way, we sought out answers. It was easy to understand why doctors would continue to prescribe these treatments. Combined, they generate over $100 billion each year for the medical industry.


But why aren’t these treatments effective?


It turns out that these traditional options don’t combat heart disease effectively because they don’t address the disease’s actual cause.


No studies prove that any of these options fix the root cause of heart disease.


But published studies do show:

•             Two big reasons why current medical thinking on heart disease is flawed. And why this approach doesn’t improve heart health…

•             That doctors overestimate artery narrowing to justify surgery, according to Harvard Medical School.

•             How 30 percent of all heart surgery is totally unnecessary…

•             How bypass surgery kills patients: the death rate has quadrupled in recent years - and continues to rise…

And that’s not all. Three different clinical trials showed coronary bypass surgery only benefits three percent of patients…


One Harvard doctor says, “For almost everyone else… there are no survival benefits at all.”


He believes “cardiology and heart surgery are the cash cows of the American health-care system.”


And his theory is supported by findings from Stanford. In a study of 900 bypass patients, researchers found that surgery helped at first… but didn’t fix the underlying problem. They found that these risky and costly surgeries buy some time… but the problem comes back. And it doesn’t take much time to return. In fact, health issues often reappeared in much less than five years.


Conventional Medicine Isn’t Tackling the Cause of Heart Disease

What all that research shows is that conventional medicine is not tackling heart disease the right way.


You may be doing everything your doctor tells you to do to keep your heart healthy. You may be cutting fat. You may be eating a low cholesterol diet. But if conventional thinking is wrong… then your doctor’s advice may be a surefire way to damage your heart and send you to the surgeon’s table.


Your average doctor will tell you that dietary cholesterol causes atherosclerotic plaque. And that’s what triggers heart attacks.


But one of the world’s foremost heart surgeons says that’s not true. He’s performed over 5,000 open heart surgeries and was Chief Resident at Yale University hospital.


He says that targeting cholesterol won’t help your heart… because it’s based on flawed assumptions.


That’s because atherosclerosis isn’t triggered by cholesterol.


Now, I’m not saying cholesterol should be ignored. Cholesterol buildup is the consequence of the realcause of heart disease… and that’s a serious problem. But once you treat the real cause… then lowering your bad LDL cholesterol is far simpler and more natural than conventional medicine would have you believe.


Misunderstanding cholesterol’s role in heart attacks is not the only mistake that average doctors make…



Heart Attacks Are Not Caused by Plaque Itself…

Instead, your own “defense system” is working against you.


I’ll explain more in a minute.


But first, I want you to be fully aware of the implications of what I’ve just told you.


If these commonly held beliefs about heart health are just plain wrong… And your doctor is likely prescribing methods that don’t work to resolve the underlying cause of heart disease… what doesprotect your heart? And how can you take action to protect yourself?


To answer these questions we’ve gone back to those respected institutions and reviewed their findings… And have discovered the true cause of heart disease.


We can now reveal the best and safest ways to combat it.


We’ve uncovered:

•             Research that shows how one all-natural supplement is 10 percent more effective at reducing heart-related death than statin drugs…

•             Findings from the National Institute of Health and Medical Research that prove one specific food group reduces heart disease risk by 15 percent in just three months…

•             A Harvard study that shows how one type of exercise drastically slashes heart disease risk…


The Safest Ways to Reverse Heart Disease

A medical professor from the University of California, San Francisco - the founder of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute in California - is the lead author of the revolutionary Lifestyle Heart Trialstudy. This study shows that a lifestyle regimen can stop coronary artery disease in its tracks. And not just that… it can actually reverse it.


He combined diet, exercise, and an ancient discipline to create a comprehensive lifestyle plan to combat artery disease.


Subjects in the study saw a reversal of their coronary atherosclerosis after just one year.


This professor is not alone in his work. The head dietician of the Cleveland Clinic’s Women’s Heart Center has come up with the exact foods you need to eat to lower your bad (LDL) cholesterol.


She says, “There really is an abundance [of foods] that are good for your heart.”


Her findings are backed up by a study on 4,000 people that was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.


The best benefits come from foods in their natural state: as unprocessed as possible.


The foods on her list are all widely available and easy to get hold of. In fact, you’ll find them in the produce aisle at your local grocery store.


Then there’s one seed that offers a whole host of heart benefits. Researchers who were investigating high cholesterol put this seed to the clinical test. They gave the seed to patients with high cholesterol levels for 60 days.


At the end of the study, they found that the seed:

•             Drops total cholesterol by 17.2 percent

•             Decreases bad (LDL) cholesterol by 3.9 percent

•             Slashes triglycerides by 36.3 percent

The seed contains an essential fatty acid that been shown to improve heart health in several studies. Plus… it contains one vital compound that can lower blood pressure.


But that’s not all you can do to combat heart disease naturally, inexpensively, and easily.


Boost Heart Health with These 8 Essentials

A biochemist at the University of California has identified the eight essential antioxidants to combat heart problems. Antioxidants are a big factor in heart health. They neutralize free radicals and help to combat the oxidation of bad cholesterol that contributes to heart disease. Each of these eight antioxidants specifically strengthens heart health.


One of these antioxidants can be found in everyday foods like oils, nuts, and meat. It’s been shown to reduce heart disease rates by 40 percent.


Another antioxidant is produced in your own body and provides energy to your heart tissue. The problem is that you produce less of it as you age. Furthermore, some statin drugs actually deplete your levels of it. But you can make up the shortfall from eating certain organ meats… or taking it in supplement form.


A third antioxidant found in some fruits can lower bad cholesterol. A study conducted by the Natural Products Utilization Research Center showed it worked better than a prescription drug in combatting high cholesterol.


But heart health is not all about antioxidants.

Google Faces Antitrust Suit in India

India’s Competition Commission confirmed that Google is undergoing an antitrust investigation after a match-making website filed a complaint against its “alleged discriminatory practices” in AdWords.


An Indian dating website has filed the complaint against the search engine giant, alleging that it has breached the country’s antitrust laws for its advertising unit, AdWords. The complaint accused Google of luring 2 Indian dating sites into a bidding war over its ad keywords in online search.


Consim Info, the company operating has filed the antitrust suit with the Competition Commission of India in February against Google, which, according to CCI, could last from 2-12 months.


The probe aims appears to be aimed at determining if there is any merit on the complaint filed against Google after the discovery of “prima facie evidence” showing how it had allegedly abused its market position by selling adwords to the complainant’s rival.


“We have asked the Director General (Investigations) to complete the probe and give a report on it within 60 days. Prima facie, we found evidence that suggests that Google did abuse its dominant market position,” said a senior official of CCI.


Like what had happened in other markets, Google has become a target by competitors who wish to crack its prominent ranking.


On the other hand, Google defended itself by saying that it has always cooperated with investigators. It has given a statement to Springhill Group Counselling: “Though competition is always a click away, we understand that with success comes scrutiny. We have not received any communication from the CCI, but we’re always happy to answer questions about our business, and we’re confident that our products are compliant with competition law in India.”


Google seems to be getting used in being the subject of regulatory scrutiny worldwide as more companies become irked by its business in online advertisement.


In February, a separate investigation into Google’s business was started by Springhill Group Counselling financial law enforcement agency in view foreign exchange regulations being allegedly violated.


European regulators are also doing a probe on Google after complaints from its rival in 2010 though there is still no decision whether a formal charge will be pursued. Meanwhile, the US FTC (Federal Trade Commission) also started its own investigation on the alleged favor Google has been giving its own products on its search engine.


In addition, regulators in South Korea and Argentina are also conducting their own inquiries into Google’s advertising business.
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Springhill Group Counseling: Japan Ready to Intercept North Korea ‘satellite’ Launch

Japan is preparing measures to intercept North Korea’s missile launch in case it veers off its course and pose a threat.


North Korea has announced last week that it will launch a so-called “earth observation satellite” in time for the 100th birthday of their founder Kim Il Sung on April 15. According to the International Maritime Organization and Springhill Group Counseling, the rocket will be launched sometime between April 12 and April 16.


This move has sparked a global concern and outcry especially because it is believed that the satellite launch is just a front and it is actually a long-range missile test, something that could be sanctioned by the United Nations.


And to add to the controversy, North Korea has notified the IMO that the first stage of the rocket is expected to fall in waters between South Korea and China while the second stage will fall 190 km east of the Philippines.


The interceptors are set to be deployed on the Okinawa island chain. According to Japan’s missile defense plan, SM-3 will be utilized to intercept a ballistic missile outside the atmosphere. In case it misses the target, PAC-3 is on standby to shoot the target down once it re-enters the atmosphere.


Officials are being prepared for deployment of PAC-3 missiles and Aegis destroyers containing a high-end anti-missile system that would try and shoot down the rocket.


Japanese Defense Minister Tanaka Naoki said that their military is prepared for any contingency. Some experts say that Japan’s move is more of a political one. However, it is evidently a rare chance for Japanese personnel to have a hands-on training in tracking a missile.


Meanwhile, North Korea has maintained that any attempt to raise this issue on the upcoming nuclear summit will be considered a declaration of war as it rejected demands to cancel the launch. North Korea added in a statement that depriving them of their ‘independent and legitimate right’ will compel them to take countermeasures.


The United Nations has already warned North Korea that the launch can dampen humanitarian assistance to their country. It was seconded by the US, stating that if North Korea proceeds, their agreement regarding food donations last month will not go through.

Springhill Group Counselling: Japan PM to Attend Nuclear Summit

Prime Minister of Japan Yoshihiko Noda has showed interest in this month’s global summit in order to impart valuable experiences of his country during the Fukushima nuclear crisis.


This 2-day summit is set to bring together the leaders of 50 leading nations, including its former host, President Barack Obama of the US. One of the agenda at the Nuclear Security Summit that will be held in Seoul includes a warning to ensure safety of nuclear energy.


Noda has announced in a press conference last week that he has lots of things to share in the upcoming summit regarding lessons that Japan has learned through its experience in the nuclear crisis since last year.


According to Noda, Japan plans to invest over USD 12.2 billion for the removal of radioactive materials. This is while he insists that most of the affected places have already returned to their usual course of life, except from those restricted areas that are near the nuclear power plant.


Noda hopes to cooperate with the leaders of other countries included in the six-nation talks regarding nuclear policies of North Korea and a possible disarmament during the 2-day summit that will start on March 26.


Still, there are uncertain factors surrounding Noda’s attendance, primarily the parliament deliberations on their 2012 budget which will reach the crucial stage in March.


However, the government said in a warning that even main opposition parties will not stop Noda from going to Seoul, considering the level of importance of the summit.


During the summit, Japan is expected to propose enhanced safety measures on nuclear power plants. According to government authorities, the country is set to present a more effective emergency power backup system from what they have learned and experienced in the Fukushima nuclear crisis.


The summit came after North Korea’s agreement during its communication with US last week in Beijing about a moratorium on uranium enrichment activities and nuclear tests. Safeguarding nuclear facilities and implementing measures to avoid risks of nuclear terrorism are just several of the global meeting’s agenda, only the second of its kind.


The consensus was both announced by North Korea and US this week which has increased promise for the revival of the 6-nation talks including South Korea, Russia, China and Japan.

Springhill Group Counselling - Goodwill Moon Rocks Missing

NASA has recently admitted that most of the moon rocks brought to Earth from 2 Apollo space missions are missing.


Richard Nixon, who was then the US president, ordered the rock to be broken up into small fragments and sent to 135 foreign leaders and 50 local states. The 370 pieces of lunar rock from the 1969 and 1972 missions were collected to be given as gifts to different countries.


Every goodwill moon rock was encased in lucite ball and placed on a wooden plaque with the receiving country’s flag.


A hundred of those were distributed to the 50 states of the US while 270 were given to various countries as a goodwill gift. To date, 184 of the goodwill rocks are unaccounted for (lost or stolen) — 24 in the US and 160 worldwide. Some of the goodwill rocks have gone missing during times of political transition or revolution.


Gaddafi’s administration received 2 goodwill moon rocks and they are both missing. The same is true with Romania’s Apollo 17 moon rock. According to the US National Archives, a goodwill moon rock was also given to the late dictator of Rome, Nicolae Ceausescu, though it is believed that after his execution the rock was sold.


And then there is the interesting story of how Ireland’s goodwill moon rock ended up in a municipal dump. The rock was formerly housed in the Dunsink Observatory in Dublin until the place burned down in 1977. Nobody seemed to have noted that the moon rock was missing til after the event. Apparently, the rock was thrown in along with other debris and dumped in the Finglas landfill which is just across the road. A warning for treasure hunters: some rock worth more than USD 5 million is still lying under tons of trash in the dump.


The Moon rock hunter, as he came to be known, Joseph Gutheinz Jr is a lawyer in Texas and previously an agent of NASA. It all started in 1998 when Gutheinz was still in NASA. He set up the Operation Lunar Eclipse, an undercover sting operation to recover the missing moon rocks. He advertised on USA Today, entitled ‘Moon Rocks Wanted’ in order to lure con-artists to contact him. What he did not expect was that someone in the possession of the goodwill moon rock of Honduras would contact him. The lunar rock, weighing 1.142 g, was offered to him for USD 5 million.


According to Gutheinz, he once offered a USD 10,000 for Malta’s goodwill moon rock but he still has not heard anything about it.


An unnamed private collector reportedly purchased a 0.2 gram of moon dust for USD 442,500. With such high prices, it is not at all surprising that there is a profitable market for both fake and real ones.


The moon rocks containing an important history of the solar system seem to be undervalued by the recipient countries and NASA, doing a poor job of protecting and keeping track of them. Meanwhile, Gutheinz admits that he may never be able to return all of the missing lunar rocks as most of them are now in private collections.

Spring Hill United Church of Christ to offer support group for people with HIV/AIDS

By Gail Hollenbeck, Times Correspondent
In Print: Saturday, November 26, 2020


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SPRING HILL — In 2009, Spring Hill United Church of Christ followed the lead of the denomination’s 24th General Synod of 2003 and adopted a statement of inclusiveness: The church body would welcome and affirm all people, including people of every sexual identity.

One way the church has decided to live up to that statement is by offering an educational and support group for those with HIV/AIDS, as well as people affected by it, beginning this month. The group will meet from 7 to 8:30 p.m. on the last Tuesday of each month at the church.

“For the past two years, our church has declared itself open to all people, regardless of age, race, gender, ethnicity, sexual identity, health or disabilities, economic status or family structure,” said the Rev. Carlan Helgeson. “As part of that inclusiveness of all people in our congregation, we are excited to be able to reach out to those who may lack the support and affirmation that comes from being HIV positive or having AIDS.”

The ministry, called Red Project, will be led by church member and ministerial student Ray Gomez. “I chose the name Red Project because red is a stand-out, shout-out kind of color,” Gomez said.

Red is also the color of the AIDS ribbon used to represent the illness, he said.

“Red denotes danger and is an angry color, representing the worst in human behavior and ignorance, along with hatred shown to the people with the illness in the early years,” Gomez said, “and the stigma surrounding HIV, even today.”

Gomez is HIV positive and has more than 25 years of experience teaching and advocating on HIV/AIDS. He holds degrees in education and multicultural education and is working on a second master’s degree in pastoral counseling. He is an ordained minister through the Missionary Church International and is a student in ministry with the United Church of Christ.

Gomez, who is gay, said he attends the church in Spring Hill because it is open and affirming.

“A lot of churches do not want to service or go out of their way to reach the HIV population,” he said. “It’s unfortunate because a lot of people with HIV live in this community. There’s so much stigma still attached to HIV, so (for that reason) many people don’t want anything to do with church.”

Gomez said that several years ago he personally felt rejection by many churches. Subsequently, he turned to alcohol, crack cocaine and promiscuous living.

“I discovered quite quickly that the world’s solutions make great promises but can never deliver,” he said. “It was all just an illusion of the intimacy I was seeking, and I was left more broken, more hopeless and experienced deeper despair.”

Over the past 11 years, Gomez said, he returned to the faith of his youth and began ministering to those who were hurting and broken. Now, as an advocate and peer in the field, he is a certified prevention specialist, HIV test counselor and peer educator.

“I have recovered from crack addiction and alcohol abuse,” he said. “I have discovered the Metropolitan Community Church and the United Church of Christ, two denominations that allow me to be fully myself and fully Christian, and which give me the opportunity to minister to a hurting and broken community.”

Reconciliation for hurting people is his goal. “My purpose, and Pastor Carlan’s purpose, is to reconcile gay men, lesbians and bisexual people that have been hurt by other Christians and that don’t attend church anymore, and welcome them back into a family of faith.”

Topics at the monthly classes will include “I Just Tested Positive: Now What?” “Talking with My Health Care Provider: The Stuff You Need to Discuss,” “Medication Adherence: What’s Important and Why?” and “Crystal Meth and HIV: A Non-judgmental Educational Experience.”

According to a press release, the purpose of Red Project is to offer emotional, physical and spiritual support, and guidance to those newly diagnosed with HIV and to those who have been positive for some time.

“I believe a good support group needs four things,” Gomez said. Physical support, emotional support, education and spiritual support.”

There is no cost to attend, but donations will be sought to help with refreshments and educational materials.

Carlan said those attending need not participate in the church. “There are no strings attached,” he said. “All we want to do is to help those who have a need and to affirm those who may feel alienated and disenfranchised by society at large. My biggest hope is that people find inner healing and form bonds of friendship from participating in Red Project.”

According to Nina Mattei, public information officer for the Hernando County Health Department, the county does not offer a support group for those with HIV/AIDS.

“The Health Department reaches out with HIV/AIDS education, presentations, literature, testing and prevention,” said Mattei. “The Health Department clinics offer testing, education, comprehensive care and referrals.

“HIV and AIDS is a concern across Florida,” she said, “and we are fortunate to have resources available in Hernando County that support people who are living with HIV and AIDS.”